Slowianka Nail Trends

Our company focuses on providing the highest quality products for professional nail stylists.

Slowianka Nail Trends is a company created out of passion and based on years of experience in the nail styling industry. We design the highest quality products for professional stylists and create trends in the world of artistic decorations.

Natalia Larina:


My name is Natalia and I have been styling nails since I was 15. My passion became my profession. Starting from scratch, I went on to win the title of World Champion, create my own brand of products and a training center for stylists from Poland and around the world. 
Success is born of constant development, which is why the Slowianka Nail Trends brand will always move forward. If - like me - you love nail styling, feel invited to step into my world! 
Your future is in your hands... and your nails! 

Nail Art:

When nail stylists hear the name “Slowianka”, they usually think: “DECORATIONS”. We are experts in floral art, such as Zhostovo or One stroke. All our decorations are made by hand, with the use of brushes; we do not use stickers or stencils. 
The main creator of the brand - Natalia Larina - is the author of nearly 30 decorative techniques, the secrets of which you can explore during trainings conducted at the company's headquarters in Krakow and those available on-line on our platform: 



The basis of success in every field. In accordance with this message, we provide our clients with carefully selected products and trainings. The use of our products can be successful only when accompanied by thorough and substantive product and technical training. That is why we emphasize the importance of a professional and expert approach in our industry.