Check out the latest trends in nail styling and let yourself be seduced by the Slavic almond in the LipGloss edition! 

LipGloss nails - the effect of lip gloss on your nails! 

Novelties and upcoming trends never cease to keep on shaking the foundations of the world of beauty. Here’s one of the hottest trends in nail styling this year - Lipgloss nails. What’s the secret of its popularity? Why would a simple hybrid manicure in a minimalist style steal the hearts of so many women? Discover with us a range of new nail styling products and get inspired by our suggestions for fashionable nails this spring. 

We like it very much. Natural looking nails are a trend that is always fashionable and elegant. Delicately shiny, pink or powder pink nails - universal colors that perfectly match the current trends in nail styling and complement any outfit. Perfect for minimalists, but not only. Not a fan of "sharp" colors and rich decorations? Bright, nude nails with a shiny effect are a solution created just for you! 

LipGloss with flash effect? 

Why not? Do you remember the best-selling, flash effect gel polishes? Those wonderfully sparkling particles on your nails? This time we propose a combination of LipGloss with the flash effect. Natural colors of gel polishes in neutral, beige and pink tones, with pyramid-shaped metal particles creating an extremely flashy flash effect!  

Looking for something even more expressive? How about the flash effect LipGloss in a shade of pure, jewelry gold? A real winner among gel polishes! Or maybe a shade of cold pink? A shiny, cool breeze on the nails? Great proposals that fit into this year’s trends. Take the brilliance of your stylings to the next level! Go with the natural glow! 

What shape of nails to go with? 

Got your eye on Lipgloss nails with a flash effect? No wonder! We too fell under the spell of this trend! Now it's time to choose the nail shape to match this glossy gel polish. These natural, nude hybrid nails with a flash effect look great in almost every shape. Square, almond or oval? Choose a nail shape that corresponds well with the appearance of the plate to get a beautiful and aesthetic look. Or how about something more avant-garde? How about a long, Slavic almond

Slavic almond - step by step of creating a nail using a non-leveling gel. 

If you like long, avant-garde nails, the Slavic almond is the way to go! This unique shape, with beautifully filed bevels at the tip, has a chance to become this year’s super hit. Here’s a step-by-step of how to easily build nails using non-leveling gels, with minimal filing: 
• remove the dead skin from the nail and file it with a 240/240 file, 
• shorten the free edge to best match the stencil, 
• matt the nail with a polishing block, dedust and de-grease the plate using cleaner, 
• apply Ultra bond, rub in Rubber Base and cure in a LED lamp, 
• cut classic stencils in places marked for cutting a smile and for fingertips, guaranteeing a perfect fit of the stencil and preventing it from being pushed outwards, 
• using a non-leveling construction gel, create a nail in the shape of a Slavic almond, using the graphic design on the stencil as inspiration, 
• cure the artificial nail in a LED lamp, 
• using special clips for clamping nails at an angle, clamp only the ends of the nails and cure them in a LED lamp, 
• wipe the dispersion, 
• shape the nails by filing the bevels beautifully and slightly rounding the tips, 
• matt the entire nail with a polishing block, working in the downwards direction. 
And so, we have a nail with a beautiful shape of a Slavic almond. Now paint the nails with flash-effect, LipGloss gel polish and voila! A wonderful, stunning effect of shiny naturalness. We love these colors! Now how about a decoration? 

A quick and effective way to create a pastel baby boomer with floral decorations. 

How about a Baby boomer in spring colors and floral feathering? Sounds great! Pastel arters and an ombre sponge with a unique, exclusive cut are perfect for this styling. As for colors, we’ll focus on pastel lavender - always fashionable and elegant. Time to decorate. Make floral decorations, using black arter and the feathering technique. Let your imagination run wild and show off your skills! Tiny elements, applied using the LipGloss gel polish, will give this styling a delicate shine. The effect will delight every client! 

What do Lipgloss nails, Baby boomer and Slavic almond have in common? 

The possibility of creating a stunning art, reflecting the hottest and most popular trends in nail styling. LipGloss is one of those types of manicure that suits every occasion and blends beautifully with any nail shape, be it natural or artificial. And while on the subject of artificial nails, we immediately think of the divine, Slavic almond built with a non-leveling gel. The pastel Baby Boomer, with a beautiful floral accent made using the feathering technique is a perfect complement here. We are delighted with our spring ideas for a fashionable manicure - and hope you’re delighted too!