Perfect cutters

A perfect manicure is a must have nowadays, just like a great hairstyle or a well-chosen wardrobe. Just as a hairdresser tries to adjust the hairstyle depending on the type of hair or face shape, so do we, as nail stylists, should focus on the needs of our clients, taking into account all factors. 

Starting a conversation about milling cutters, we must understand what possibilities each of them has to offer - and what are OUR actual needs. Each of us is different – and so are our nails! Some have almost no cuticles - others are very hard to tame, as they grow out to half the nail plate. Sometimes we need to take more care of the sides, and sometimes - the area of the rear nail wall. We have to choose the right cutters taking into consideration the area we want to work on. 

Slowianka offers a wide range of manicure cutters. The criteria we should follow when choosing cutters is primarily the shape, gradation and construction material. It is also very important that our tools are used as intended! 

Before we start actually working with cutters, it’s strongly recommended to train and experiment on our own nails. Thanks to this, we will get to know our tools in practice, get a sense of how deep we can work with individual cutters and at what angle, so as not to damage the skin and nail, and cause discomfort or injury. Next, can we move on to working on models - and then actual customers. Although Slowianka offers a large selection of cutters and each of you will definitely find your favorite here, I believe that a good nail stylist should be able to work with every type. This does not mean that we have to use all the tools every time - only that we have the knowledge that will allow us to make the best choice, depending on the needs of our client. For example, for a client with dry skin, we can perform a manicure only with milling cutters - and not that many of them, either. In the case of well-moisturized skin, and above all, when we are dealing with hyperhidrosis, milling cutters are only a "helper" in cleaning the plate, but they will not work well on the skin. Additional scissors or clippers will be necessary. 

Slowianka Nail Trends manicure cutters: ball, trapezoid, small bullet, bullet, tapered cone, rounded cone, tear, nail, blue and red needle, ball, twister, sponge. 

My own ranking, by order and frequency of use: 

  • Tapered cone - stone (lower cost) or diamond (higher resistance to impact, disinfection and sterilization). Ceans the nail plate and moves away the epidermal labrum. 
  • Twister – shaped like a flame; its undoubted advantage is the grooves, thanks to which dust does not accumulate under the skin, but is constantly pushed out.  
  • Trapezoid - works very well for milling the side walls of the nail. Separates the nail plate from the skin of the finger. 
  • Nail - for me, an absolute king among cutters. This does not mean that it is self-sufficient, but only this one is able to precisely clean places inaccessible to other cutters, and at the same time its shape prevents damage to the matrix. It has a "block" of sorts, so that it does not go too deep under the back nail wall. 
  • Ball/bullet - allows to cut off unnecessary skin and to smooth the side surfaces of the finger. 
  • ball - smooths the areas that are hard to reach for a ball or bullet. 
  • sponge – a definitely underestimated cutter. Able to perfectly smooth the skin and plate where other tools cannot reach. In addition, it lifts the rear nail wall at the end, which facilitates the application of color.