C-4 Cuticle Cutters

The C-4 Cuticle Clippers from Slowianka Nail Trends allow your stylist to work at a high level for a long time, without experiencing pain or discomfort! Their ergonomic shape makes the tool fit perfectly in the hand. The blade, perfectly curved and finished with a triangular tip, allows precise removal of even the smallest cuticles from under the shafts, without the risk of injuring the client. Thanks to these features, these pliers are indispensable in any professional beauty salon.  

  • Made of surgical steel  

  • Suitable for autoclave sterilization  

  • Suitable for the use of disinfectants  

  • Perfectly profiled    

Biological manicure is one of the frequently chosen treatments, whether performed independently at home or in specialized beauty salons. It may seem simple and does not require specialized high-quality equipment. However, this is a misconception! The final result depends not only on the skill of the stylist, but also on the tools used.  

It is crucial to use professional, proven tools, such as the C-4 cuticle pliers from Slowianka. Their precisely sharpened and perfectly curved 5mm long blade and triangularly elongated tip guarantee perfect cuticle removal 

In addition, the perfectly contoured angle between the tip of the blade and its body allows accurate work at the sinuses of the nail, minimizing the risk of accidentally injuring the customer. C-4 cuticle clippers are also characterized by durable surgical steel, autoclavable sterilization and use of various disinfectants. This product is unquestionably the market leader.  

OUR TIP: Always check the light clearance before purchasing the pliers. Gently close the blade - if the clearance at the handles is visible, and the tip is already closed, it means that the pliers are perfectly shaped. This ensures quick work and minimized risk of injury, which indicates the high quality of the product.