• close to runny, medium density, 

  • medium surface tension and therefore slower levelling; the product does not flood the cuticles and evens out beautifully on the surface, 

  • the top does not create extra thickness on the nail due to the reduced gradation of the gold flash particles, 

  • 5D shine effect due to very fine gold metallic particles, shine variable depending on light intensity,  

  • magnetic dust can be easily and quickly arranged with a magnet in any pattern to form a cat eye pattern, 

  • in the case of rounded nails, the speckle may blur to the sides after the magnet stops working; to prevent this, the finger should be placed in the lamp as soon as possible (within two seconds); it is recommended to work one on one and to cure the whole hand at the end, 

  • balanced proportions of flash and metallic dust for a perfect effect, 

  • perfect and even filling of the space on the nail by the particles, no suppression of the colour on which the magnetic top is applied, 

  • the top does not need to be wiped after curing (no wipe formula), 

  • cures in 90 seconds to 2 minutes, 

  • the magnetic top is suitable for absolutely all systems: acrylic, gel, hybrid, acrylic, as well as various types of decorations, 

  • beautiful shine and durability of 5 to 6 weeks.

  • Apply one or two coats of colour directly onto the base coat (in case of natural nails) or matted artificial nails, 

  • apply a thin layer of top coat directly on top of the colour in the same way as Top Coat No Wipe from Slowianka Nail Trends, do not press the brush, so that the particles are spread as evenly as possible on the surface of the nail, 

  • Press harder at the tip to prevent thickening at the free edge, 

  • Using a magnet, create the desired pattern with the metallic sprinkle; beginners can create the classic arrow by applying the magnet at a height of 2 cm on the slant of the nail, 

  • wait 4 seconds and, once you have the pattern in place, place your finger in the lamp and freeze the top coat to fix the pattern, 

  • once the individual nails have been frozen in the lamp and the design has been achieved, place the whole hand into the lamp to fully cure the top coat (from 90 seconds to 2 minutes), 

  • for 3 to 4 seconds after curing do not touch the surface of the top coat, let it cool down, 

  • Apply Silk Repair Serum from Slowianka Nail Trends or olive oil to cuticles.

P.S. The presented form of product use is abbreviated and does not replace any form of training. This is one of the variants of using the product. To deepen your knowledge and ability to use the product, we recommend using stationary, online training or our free live broadcasts.

Flash Silver Cat Eye

The amazing brilliance of the Flash Silver magnetic top from Slowianka Nail Trends is a benefit of combining silver metallic cat eye shimmer with flash particles of the same colour. It will accentuate and give an exclusive chic touch to absolutely all colours, and will look most beautiful when applied over a background of black shades. It goes equally well with dark navy blues and wet asphalt greys. A truly stellar cast in your living room.

Flash Gold Cat Eye

The Flash Gold Cat Eye magnetic top will be a permanent fixture in your salon, thanks to its unique combination of natural gold metallic and gold flash particles.  Gold is the crème della crème of any look, so the top will work well with most hybrid colours, especially black, browns, dark navy blues and beautiful, rich and deep reds. Indulge yourself in a little luxury.

Flash Amber Cat Eye

Is it possible to shine more than the stars in the sky? Yes, with the Flash Amber Cat Eye magnetic top from Slowianka Nail Trends. A gorgeous, autumnal product combining a fiery copper-coloured metallic shimmer and an intensely shimmering flash speck in the same colour. The top pops wonderfully against black, but will also highlight the majesty of all reds, pumpkin colours and warm and cold brown tones. Who says autumn has to be boring?

Flash Blue Cat Eye

What will the Flash Blue Cat Eye magnetic top from Slowianka Nail Trends surprise you with? First of all, the unique combination of blue magnetic cat eye and flash blue ultra-marine particles and the depth of these colours. It looks heavenly on blacks, navy blues and cobalts from the Feel the Blues collection from Slowianka Nail Trends, and emphasises the intensity of all indigo shades as well as dark and deep purples. Experiment and enchant with your styling!

Flash Green Cat Eye

A magnetic shimmer in a fabulous shade of bottle green and a deep emerald flash shimmer is a combination that will surprise you in the Flash Green Cat Eye magnetic top from Slowianka Nail Trends. The beautiful and uniquely charming colour will work for festive looks and more.  It looks wonderful on all black colours as well as deep and dark greens. Will you be tempted by this festive magic?

Flash Violet Cat Eye

Are you dreaming of glamorous hairstyles with a touch of divine magenta? We've prepared for you the Flash Violet Cat Eye magnetic top from Slowianka Nail Trends infused with magnetic cat eye pollen in a violet fuchsia shade and deep fuchsia flash particles. It looks wonderful on all blacks, fuchsia shades from the Goddess collection from Slowianka Nail Trends, cold and raspberry reds, cherry reds from the Pop Stars line from Slowianka Nail Trends, as well as violets, burgundy and plum and cherry colours. Divine sparkle on the nails.