Gel Princess 40 g

Specialized Princess Gel from Slowianka Nail Trends was created for Princess Nails style nail art. It's very popular in salons to use various effects and glitters, such as flashes, pearls, holo or giving a chameleon effect. Mixing such effects with gels, you can create many dazzling styles.

Exactly for such a function was created our gel, which has a low viscosity, making it easy to mix and apply the product, without flooding the cuticles. It is crystal clear, resistant to yellowing, and its tube allows for convenient dispensing. It is ideal for creating beautiful, glossy styles.

  • Medium transparent gel with low viscosity. 

  • Features UV blocking. 

  • Minimal inhibition. 

  • Thixotropic gel, slow leveling. 

  • Light to the touch (when using a brush). 

  • Gel cures in LED lamp in 60 seconds.  

  • First, using a Master Brush 6 spatula, pour a small amount of the effect into an empty jar.  

  • Next, pour Princess Gel into the jar and gently mix with the same spatula, trying not to introduce too many bubbles. (If bubbles appear, the product should be set aside for a few minutes to a few hours). 

  • After mixing, the product is ready for use.

P.S. The presented form of product use is abbreviated and does not replace any form of training. This is one of the variants of using the product. To deepen your knowledge and ability to use the product, we recommend using stationary, online training or our free live broadcasts.

Princess Gel from Slowianka Nail Trends created for nail designs finished in the style of Princess Nails. When working in the salon, the use of various effects and glitters is very popular, of which we are well aware. Their variants, such as flash effect, holo, pearls or chameleon flash effect, for example, are extremely desirable, because they allow you to create a variety of creative styles. Most of them are created by mixing the effects with each other and with the gel product. Therefore, we have created a product specifically intended for such techniques.

Princess Gel has all the properties that are crucial for styling with these methods. The gel has a low viscosity, so the product mixes easily with the effects and is neither too thick nor too runny. It has ideal thixotropy, which prevents flooding of the cuticles during its application. As a result, you can precisely place all the effects and paillettes on the nail, creating the perfect structure of the styling.

The product additionally has yellowing resistance, or UV blocking, which is extremely important for the durability of the styling.

It is crystal clear, making all our effects shine in it even more, giving your nails a unique look. The nifty tube allows you to effortlessly squeeze out the perfect amount of product, making your work easier and saving time.

Princess Gel is the ideal solution for professionals who want to create extraordinary, glossy nail designs using various effects and techniques. With our products, each styling becomes unique and the visual effects are unmistakable.