Gold Flakes 0,5g decoration powder

Gold Flakes effect from Slowianka Nail Trends is a pollen in the form of metallic, asymmetrical, very thin foils with uneven edges, which shine intensely (mirror effect) and have a holographic effect in gold color. It is perfect for creating beautiful nail designs in the style of Princess Nails, which has been very popular for years. The effect can be used in many different ways and in different styles: at the cuticles, on the tips, on the entire nail surface, under the top or on top. It can also be mixed with a special gel from Slowianka, created to create a variety of glitter mixtures. We also offer empty jars, ideal for storing such prepared mixtures. The product is ideal for creative stylists and clients who like to stand out.


One way to use the product:

  • Pour a small amount of the effect into the empty 5g gel container, using the spatula of Master Brush 6.
  • Pour a small amount of Princess Gel into the container (as desired) and gently mix the product with the same spatula, trying to avoid airing up the product. If air bubbles appear, set the mixture aside for several hours until they disappear.
  • Apply a small amount of the prepared product in the cuticle area (Princess Nails) and make a subtle ombre with an Ombre 6 brush, then cure the product in an LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Apply a builder gel, acrygel or base coat, depending on whether you are enhancing a natural nail or building an artificial nail. It is important that the product is transparent or semi-transparent.
  • Cure the nail in an LED lamp according to the instructions for the product.
  • Finally, apply top coat and cure as desired.
P.S. The presented form of product use is abbreviated and does not replace any form of training. This is one of the variants of using the product. To deepen your knowledge and ability to use the product, we recommend using stationary, online training or our free live broadcasts.

Gold Flakes pollen from Slowianka Nail Trends is the perfect effect for creating beautiful nails in the style of Princess Nails, which has been enduringly popular for many years. This effect, in the form of holographic, gold, metallic, asymmetrical and very thin films with uneven edges, which shine intensely, can be applied in many different ways and with different styles. It is perfect for application to the cuticles, to the tips, as well as to the entire nail surface. It can be used under a top coat, on top of a top coat, and can also be mixed with special Princess Gel, which was created to compose a variety of glitter mixtures with a variety of effects. This gives your nails a unique, glittery look that attracts attention.

In addition, we offer empty jars, which are ideal for storing your own proprietary glitter mixtures. The effect itself is placed in a handy container with a transparent lid, which allows you to quickly verify the color of a given mixture, which greatly facilitates your work. The effect is stable in all polymer masses of our brand, which guarantees its highest durability and high quality.

Working with this product is limited only by your imagination, which makes it ideal for creative people who like to experiment and create unique styles. Customers who like to shine will be thrilled to add sparkle to their nails. Our products are carefully designed to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, making them an indispensable item in a professional manicure salon.

Princess Nails is not just about styling, it's a way to express yourself and highlight your individual style. Thanks to our products, everyone can feel like a real princess, having beautiful, shiny nails that will be the highlight of any occasion.