Construction gels for creating artificial nails of various shapes, thickness and length. Medium consistency gels, easy to spread - which speeds up work in the salon. They have an opacity of 20-50%, they are perfect for uniform extension, but also for the constructional Babyboomer.

Complementary products:
Forms, Base Gel, Rubber Base, Ultra Bond
-prepare a natural nail, matt it with a buffer block - gradation 240,
-after removing dust - degrease the with a Nail Prep, apply Ultra Bond and wait 30 seconds for drying,
-rub Base Gel or Rubber Base gel into the nail and cure in a lamp (UV lamp - 2 min., LED - 30 sec., CCFL - 30 sec.),
-put on nail template on a nail covered with base and build first layer(skeleton) of artificial nail, cure in the lamp (according to the instructions),
-after hardening, we can remove the template and apply a thin layer of the same product to the nail (for glide), then immediately, on wet, apply a larger amount of gel (create the APEKS of the artificial nail), put it in the lamp for it to cure completely (according to the instructions) or - if we want to clamp the appropriate tunnel (clamping time is 10-25 sec.), after clamping put the nails back into the lamp until fully cured (according to the lamp's instructions),
-after curing, rub the inhibition with Cleaner and you can file the targeted shape.
The Milky Neon Gel Rose is medium thick, creamy, does not stretch, perfectly levels and maintains its structure for a long time. This construction gel does not flood the cuticles - even in summer.
IsobornylMethacrylate, Silicon dioxide, 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate, 1-Hydroxycyclohexylphenyl ketone.