Become a Slowianka Influencer! 

Are you dynamically developing your Instagram, constantly increasing the reach of your account and obsessing over the smallest details in the photos of your stylizations? 
If so, our offer is just the thing for you! 

We offer the following forms of cooperation: 

a) barter - permanent cooperation, without exclusivity, consisting of promoting the brand in exchange for products; 
b) as Art Creator - permanent commercial cooperation, without exclusivity; 
c) as Exclusive Art Creator - permanent, exclusive commercial cooperation. 
If you want to keep on developing, work on the highest quality products, cooperate with a leading brand on the market - and earn money! - contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]  

Become a Slowianka Instructor! 

Is your dream to teach others? Then join the Slowianka Team! 

What’s our offer? 

  • Regular development and improvement of your skills;
  • Working under the banner of a well-known brand, promotion in social media and full support of the company; 
  • Numerous discounts on trainings and products, for you and your students;
  • Access to the entire database of Slowianka Nail Trends courses and free seasonal product trainings;
  • Opportunity to earn money by distributing products online.

Presence on the training platform  

How to become our Instructor? 
If you are just starting your teaching career, our START TEAM will be a perfect proposition for you. Join the Half-Year Instructor School, after which you will receive the title of PROFI Educator, which will give you the opportunity to work as a certified Slowianka Trainer. Graduating from school will allow you to join the group of Slowianka Instructors and provide numerous benefits for your students. 

Already an instructor? Join the Slowianka CLASSIC TEAM! 

All you need to do is pass an exam, confirming your skills and competences. Then you will get the opportunity to join the Slowianka Instructor team as an Educator, with all the previously listed benefits! 

Are you interested in our offer? Contact us at: [email protected] 

Are you an independent Instructor, looking for a partnership? 

We have the perfect solution for you. Become our Educator Partner, with or without product exclusivity! 

As a Slowianka Educator Partner, you’ll work under your own name, using the highest quality Slowianka products and receiving numerous benefits, for yourself and your students. 
What do we provide? 

  • Discounts on development and instructor trainings and a discount on purchase of Slowianka products;
  • Opportunity to earn money, distributing products online;
  • Discounts for your students.

Interested in our offer? Contact us at: [email protected]  


Become a Slowianka Studio Partner Salon! 

Have a salon? Want to improve the quality of your services? Join the affiliate program offered by Slowianka! 

We offer: 

  • Slowianka Studio certificate in non-exclusive cooperation;
  • Discounts on products up to 45%, with attractive product vouchers;
  • Discount on online trainings and training vouchers;
  • Possibility of free participation in the one-and-a-half-year Nail Art School by Natalia Larina.

Interested in our offer? Contact us at: [email protected]  

We also offer VIP cooperation! 

Contact us at: [email protected] to determine the individual terms of cooperation.