What is a combined manicure? How to quickly and efficiently touch nails up with thixotropic gels? Spring Ombre with minimalistic decorations. Time for colors! 

Exclusive, utility manicure? Why not! Spring is in full blow, it’s time for a change of wardrobe - and our nails also deserve a new one! It's time to get rid of winter residues and supplement your nails with gels that allow you to make a quick and effective styling. And after that - a gorgeous Ombre with arters, gel polishes and Art Pen decorations. Sounds good? Let's get started! 

Which cutters and files are best for removing gel polish mass and nail preparation? 

The drill machine is an irreplaceable tool in the work of every stylist - although not an easy one to work with. The ability to work with drill bits is crucial during the seemingly easy operation of removing hybrid mass, especially since the variety of drill bits is enormous. We will happily explain which of them are best suited for removing gel polish mass with in the combined manicure.  

Made of very strong and durable carbide, the F2 drill bit has a perfect shape and a straight wall (no bulges), that removes a lot of material in one go. The precise, narrowed tip is perfect for cuticles. The order of work is also not accidental: firstly, we work the middle, then the sides, with smooth movements across the entire nail. Note! Remove any possible air bubbles when performing a touch-up. 

After removing the gel polish mass, we then move on to the preparation of the nail, using files. To work with a natural nail, we strongly recommend a metal file with replaceable, 240 gradient tips. Perfect for working gel polish mass. Super-thin, which makes it great for filing hard-to-reach places; easily enters the growth points. Replaceable tips are cheap, which generates savings for the salon. The Shape & Matt 240/180 file/polisher will be perfect for matting the nail surface. For artificial nails that require a lot of filing, we recommend classic, light and flexible files. So - we already have a beautifully filed nail shape, dust off the whole thing and… what next? 

Time for cuticles! 

Working with cuticles requires precision and caution. Salon stylists commonly use the method of pushing away the cuticles - but it is not the correct way of doing things. Instead of pushing away, use the hoof to peel off the cuticles from the nail plate, making an "up" motion. This way, a beautiful "pocket" is created, which can be thoroughly cleaned inside, and the cuticles are much easier to cut out. This is really the simplest and most effective method. In addition, lifting the cuticles is definitely safer for the client… and much less painful! 

Which drill bits to use when working with cuticles? 

  • E2 Trapeze drill bit, to clean and align the side shafts of the nail and, if necessary, gently grind the sides of the pads;
  • E19 drill bit, to clean the epithelium with short motions, regularly removing dust in order to monitor the effects of work and avoid over-filing the nail; this drill bit has a slightly sharp tip, so we recommend it to specialists who are skilled in working with drill bits;
  • cut the cuticles with N-4 or N-06 scissors, trying to remove them in one piece; for advanced stylists, we recommend hand-made Premium scissors with a long blade;  
  • soft Twister drill bit with a delicate tip, used to clean epithelial remains in the sinuses of the nail. 

Remove cuticle residues with C-2 clippers and prepare the nail plate for gel application. Degrease with Cleaner and apply Ultra Bond. Rub in the Rubber Base product, spreading it precisely over the entire nail, and cure it for 30 seconds in the 48-WATT LED lamp from Slowianka. Nails are now ready for gel application. 

What is thixotropic gel? 

Let's start with explaining what thixotropy is. Thixotropy is the “memory” of liquid, which offers full control over the mass at work. This is due to the fact that some liquids change their consistency when subjected to intense mixing. Immediately after movement ceases in the mass, the fluid freezes in place. Thixotropic gels feature these properties. They allow for very fast work, without flooding the cuticles. New generation thixotropic gels level gently and resemble pudding in consistency. After application on the nail, the gel stays in one place. Our propositions are Creamy Vanilla, Creamy Butter and Creamy Bloom. They offer a high coverage of 80 - 90% and can be used as a color for Baby Boomer or French.  

Step-by-step work with thixotropic gel 

  • apply a small dab of gel on the nail, creating a sliding layer (rub the gel into the whole nail);
  • apply Creamy Bloom, Creamy Butter or Creamy Vanilla thixotropic gel in the apex zone and gently bring it up to the cuticles; the gel is to be in front of the brush, which we work almost in the air, without pressing it into the gel;
  • cure in a lamp for 2 minutes and wipe the dispersion with Cleaner;
  • apply Remover CBD around the cuticles to remove the remains of the epithelium;
  • using a sponge drill bit (working with its entire surface), polish the cuticles and periungual shafts;
  • matt the whole work with a 240/240 polishing block;
  • to obtain a super-smooth surface for Ombre, apply Top Velvet and cure for 90 seconds. 

Ombre with shading of the very tip. 

It's a great idea for a colorful styling! Arter gels, i.e. intensely colored gels with very high pigmentation, are perfect for it. We make Ombre with two colors of arters and Top Velvet, which we first blend on a sponge to obtain a perfect tonal transition and apply to the nail, and then cure in a lamp for 30 seconds. Repeat the action twice to beautifully highlight the tip and give it expressiveness. This creates a wonderful effect. Secure the whole work with a top coat and file the front with a 240 file so that the tip does not rub off. A truly beautiful Ombre

Arters, hybrids and Art Pen - perfect decoration? 

Arters were created for thin and flat decorations on nails in various decoration techniques, such as the above-mentioned Ombre. A single, thin layer provides excellent coverage, which is why working with arters is faster and very precise. Arters, combined with gel polishes, allow you to create beautiful spring stylings - minimalist, colorful and subtle. Apply Top Velvet to the finished decorations and cure them in a lamp; next, reach for the Art Pen - a black, thin, delicate fineliner, perfect for inscriptions and outlines of shapes. It allows you to perfectly highlight and finish each styling with a thin line. Go ahead and go wild a little! Cover the whole thing with No Wipe Top, cure and voila! 

Co łączy Lipgloss nails, Baby boomer i słowiański migdał? 

Łączy je możliwość wykonania nieziemskiej stylizacji, odzwierciedlającej najgorętsze i najbardziej popularne trendy w stylizacji paznokci.  LipGloss jest jednym tych rodzajów manicure, który pasuje na każdą okazję i pięknie komponuje się z każdym kształtem paznokcia, czy to naturalnego, czy sztucznego. A jak już mówimy o paznokciach sztucznych, to na myśl przychodzi nam od razu boski, słowiański migdał zbudowany żelem niepoziomującym się. Cudnie współgra z nim pastelowy Baby Boomer z pięknym akcentem florystycznym wykonanym techniką piórkowania. Jesteśmy zachwyceni naszymi wiosennymi propozycjami na modny manicure. Zachwyć się i Ty!