Clear Strong Base 10g

Universal base base for hybrid colors, building gels and acrylic gels. Strong Base from Slowianka Nail Trends ensures excellent adhesion to almost all types of natural nails, while remaining resistant to air pockets, chips and cracks. Perfectly strengthens and hardens soft nails and absorbs beautifully with a hard plate. The creamy consistency ensures comfortable work without spilled cuticles. An emergency solution for problematic nails and a must-have for every stylist. 

  • transparent, glassy transparent base, 

  • medium consistency, closer to thin,

  • low viscosity, does not drag the brush, does not create air, which speeds up work in the salon,

  • structure more hard than soft; 80% hard product, 20% rubber,

  • stiffens soft nails very well, making them much harder, stronger and less susceptible to bending,

  • excellent hardening of the stress zone, which often cracks and becomes dull in the case of problematic nails,

  • thanks to the rubber content, it absorbs nicely against hard nails, does not chip and does not get air trapped on the side of the free edge,

  • resistance to temperature changes: even at very high temperatures it maintains its structure (the structure changes, but very minimally), nails remain hard, do not break, bend or crack,

  • medium acidity guarantees (with appropriate technique) greater adhesion to the natural nail and no risk of air pockets (lifting),

  • medium acidity guarantees (with appropriate technique) greater adhesion to the natural nail and no risk of air pockets (lifting),

  • the base is built up to a maximum of 1 mm in one go; if we need a larger superstructure, we do it in stages we harden the first layer, build another layer up to 1 mm, harden it, etc.,

  • loss of inhibition; after 30 seconds of hardening it is quite large, so you can apply the color immediately, after 60 90 seconds the viscosity slightly disappears, but it does not disappear completely (you will not get a gloss effect), which allows you to apply the varnish regardless of the hardening time. 

 Complementary products: Cleaner, Ultra Bond, hybrid colors, construction gels, acrylics.  

  • we prepare natural nails: we lift and push back the cuticles with a hoof, we do a manicure,

  • remove the remnants of the cuticle epithelium with Speedy Remover from Slowianka Nail Trends, matt the nails with a 240/240 polisher and remove dust with a Penguin brush from Slowianka Nail Trends, degrease the nail plate with a cleaner and apply the Ultra Bond adhesive preparation from Slowianka Nail Trends (wait for about 60 seconds until it evaporates),

  • apply the base; First, with a small amount of the product, we make the so called rub and then build up the nail structure,

  • harden in the lamp,

  • depending on the chosen styling direction, we apply a hybrid color, decorate (e.g. French, Babyboomer) or extend the nails with a selected gel or acrylic,

  • we apply the selected top coat and cure it according to the instructions for use of a given product. 

Strong base from Slowianka Nail Trends is the key to a lasting manicure and a solid foundation for any styling. The universal, transparent base is a perfect base for gel polishes, building gels and acrylic gels. At the same time, it is an irreplaceable product when working with problematic nails that no other base coats can hold, a kind of SOS in difficult situations. Suitable for almost all types of natural nails. Perfectly stiffens soft nails, strengthens them and makes them resistant to bending. Thanks to the rubber ingredients it contains, it absorbs beautifully against hard natural nails, eliminating the risk of any chipping. Maintaining high aesthetics of work is its great advantage. It can be used in manicure to build up nails, apply a thin layer or as a lotion. The base is also great for extending artificial nails with gel or acrylic. It has the perfect consistency, does not flood the cuticles, and thanks to its unique formula, the risk of air pockets is eliminated. This is a unique product that cannot be missing in your salom. 

NOTE: The composition may depending on the product series.
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