Construction gel BABY BOOMER COVER - ideal tixotropic 15g

A product that will forever change the work in your salon Baby Boomer cover gel from Slowianka Nail Trends. It's a gel with perfect thixotropy, which is perfect for a non sawing system and greatly accelerates the pace of work. The wonderful cool shade of pastel pink will work well for uniform nail extensions in the natural look trend, Baby boomer and French styling, as well as for strengthening natural nails. You won't replace it with any other! 

  • creamy consistency,  

  • low viscosity for light work, the brush does not open and the product does not air up, which greatly speeds up the stylist's work,  

  • excellent thixotropy the product has a high surface tension, it levels very slowly, so it does not flood the cuticles and gives time to build all the nails,  

  • the surface smooths out perfectly, there is no need for additional sawing,  

  • slight inhibition requires wiping after curing,  

  • reduced burning during curing in the lamp; for problematic bearings, we recommend reducing lamp power,  

  • hard product, perfectly holds the tunnel, does not expand even in the thinnest layer,  

  • thanks to the added rubber bonds is ideal for strengthening and stiffening natural nails,   

  • very good adhesion to natural nails requires additional base for better cohesion with the plate,  

  • minimum thickness to cure is 0.5 millimeter per layer, maximum 1.5 mm,  

  • time to clip between 20 and 40 seconds, depending on the thickness you create on the nail,  

  • curing in LED lamp 3 minutes, in UV lamp 4 minutes. 

  • prepare the natural nail, matte with a 240/240 polisher,  

  • degrease the nails with cleaner, apply Ultra Bond from Slowianka Nail Trends and wait until it dries, 

  • rub Base Gel from Slowianka Nail Trends into the nails and harden,  

  • put on the stencil and build the skeleton, cure,  

  • take off the form, apply a slip layer of gel and then immediately apply more product wet creating the actual nail structure,  

  • if you want to clamp the tunnel, the curing time to clamp is between 20 and 40 seconds, depending on the thickness that you create on the nail,  

  • cure to full hardening 3 minutes in the LED lamp, 4 minutes in the UV lamp,  

  • the inhibition formed during curing is wiped with a cotton swab soaked in cleaner. 

P.S. The presented form of product use is abbreviated and does not replace any form of training. This is one of the variants of using the product. To deepen your knowledge and ability to use the product, we recommend using stationary, online training or our free live broadcasts.

Meet the new generation of gels with a completely new formula! The collection of building gels with perfect thixotropy from Slowianka Nail Trends will surprise you with the ease of work and a significant acceleration of its pace in the salon. The products are perfect not only for building artificial nails of any length and different shapes, but also ideal for strengthening natural nails. The revolutionary 2 in 1 gels are a must have in your salon that you will love from the first use.   

They come in shades loved by stylists, so much in line with the natural look trend. Analysis of sales bestsellers among the builder products led to the creation of beautiful milky pink shades, as well as light and dark beiges that blend beautifully with any skin tone.  

The thixotropy of the gels is extremely finely tuned to the stylist they level out beautifully but slowly on their surface, so they don't flood the cuticles. Working with them is similar to working with "jelly" gels and allows you to build several nails at once. Quite high surface tension makes them beautifully smooth and you can confidently work with them with the system without sawing.   

Finally, it's an ideal product for beginners, as it doesn't require additional training, coaching or experience in working with the product. 

Baby Boomer from Slowianka Nail Trends is a cover gel with an opacity level between 70 and 80%, which beautifully camouflages the nail bed and is thus suitable for both uniform nail extensions in the natural look direction, as well as for Baby boomer or French styling. And all thanks to a beautiful, delicate shade of pastel pink in cool tones.