Arter Gel Painting White NEW 5g

Art Gel for decorations now in a new, more effective formula with intense pigmentation. It makes it easy to quickly create both complex patterns and delicate baby boomer effects. Specially developed for demanding stylists, it guarantees deep color from the first use, which saves time and product. See how our enhanced Art Gel is revolutionizing embellishment, allowing you to create long-lasting, expressive manicures with unprecedented ease.

Color gels with very high pigmentation. They were designed to be painted flat on nails - to such techniques as: shading, Ombre, One Stroke, Micro-painting, Zhostovo, etc. They already cover with one very with thin layer, so painting with them is faster and very precise

Arter white NEW has an inhibition layer. Complementary products:
Top Coat Velvet
Pick up the product with the brush (the amount depends on the decoration technique You use). Apply it on previously matted nail or on Top Coat Velvet or on a dispersion of an artificial product and perform element of decoration.

NOTE: the Color Painting Gel layer should be very thin! Put into the lamp and cure according to instructions. Then You can repeat the entire process by making another part of the decoration or applying Top Coat.
Used Art Gel for our clients' decorations goes to the next level – we present it in a revolutionary formula that is synonymous with efficiency and intense pigmentation. Now, nail art, regardless of technique – whether it's complex artistic patterns or subtle baby boomer – becomes even easier and faster. Our new formula has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding nail technicians.

Thanks to the increased pigmentation, the color is deeper and more saturated, which allows you to achieve the desired effect from the first brush stroke. This not only saves time, but also saves product, which translates into greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We encourage you to check out how the new formula of our Art Gel can change the approach to creating nail art. Serch the limitless possibilities it offers and create a beautiful, long-lasting and expressive manicure with ease and speed like never before.
NOTE: The composition may depending on the product series.
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