Baby Boomer in Spray Pink Neon 5g

A revolutionary nail art product that makes it easy to quickly and effectively apply a baby boomer decoration in a shade of bright Barbie pink, perfect for any princess. Baby Boomer Pink Neon in Spray from Slowianka Nail Trends is a high quality neon nail powder that provides the perfect colour transition between the base colour and the neon free edge. This product effectively strengthens natural nails, making them more resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion for a perfect decoration.

  • extremely fine pigment powder for application on damp nails,
  • allows smooth colour gradients to be achieved,
  • odourless,
  • powder settles on the surface, does not inhale while working,
  • packaging for airbrush-like application of powder,
  • provides comfort for nail stylists,
  • powder must adhere to the wet base coat, which is then cured.
  • The preparation of the nails for Baby boomer styling starts with developing the natural nails and reinforcing them with a hybrid base in a natural, flesh-coloured colour or building artificial nails with a cover product. The nails are then matted and cleaned of dust.

Recommendation: For the best baby boomer styling effect with spray, it is recommended to use light toned cover bases or builder gels.

  • Apply a thin layer of colour from the LipGloss collection from Slowianka Nail Trends, which are translucent hybrids with flesh tones, to the prepared hybrid base or artificial nail. The colour should be matched to the base coat or gel from which the nails are built. The product is carefully applied at the cuticles to achieve a perfect line in this zone.
  • The spray is applied to the hybrid: hold the client's finger, push the fingertip back and, holding the finger at a 45° angle to the table, start spraying the spray on the tip of the nail. The spray should be held approximately 15 - 20 cm from the nail, where a closer distance results in more colour saturation but less dispersion.

Recommendation: It is recommended to initially keep a greater distance and spray the powder closer to the centre of the nail to achieve a beautiful tonal transition. Then move the spray downwards, applying only to the very tip of the free edge and at the same time reducing the distance from the nail to enhance the pigmentation at the tip. Work from left to right and back again. The spray is held stationary, while movement is made with the client's finger to ensure the powder adheres evenly to the nail.

  • Once a beautiful tonal transition and appropriate saturation is achieved on the nail tips, we wait another 4 seconds, allowing the powder to evenly bond with the wet hybrid, before placing the hand under the lamp for 30 seconds.


Post-cure treatment options:

  1. If you want to make the baby boomer look more subdued, dust off the tip gently and apply a very thin layer of a colour from the LipGloss collection from Slowianka Nail Trends (the same as the Baby boomer spray from Slowianka Nail Trends) to the entire nail and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a top coat of your choice and cure in a 48 watt LED lamp according to the instructions for the product. At the very end, gently file the front of the nails with a 240 file from Slowianka Nail Trends and then with a polishing block without disturbing the top structure. Apply Silk Repair Serum from Slowianka Nail Trends to the cuticles.
  2. If you want a more intense baby boomer decoration, do not cover the nails with any colour, but apply the chosen top coat to the undusted nail and cure according to the instructions. File the front of the nail with Slowianka Nail Trends 240 file and finally apply Slowianka Nail Trends Cuticle Oil.
P.S. The presented form of product use is abbreviated and does not replace any form of training. This is one of the variants of using the product. To deepen your knowledge and ability to use the product, we recommend using stationary, online training or our free live broadcasts.

Baby Boomer Pink Neon Nail Spray from Slowianka Nail Trends is revolutionising Baby Boomer style nail art decoration. The product, in a bright Barbie pink colour - perfect for any princess who wants to sparkle during the holidays, comes in a neon powder form for quick and easy application for spectacular results. The spray allows for perfect tonal transitions from the base colour to the neon tips, as well as enhancing the natural nail plate. It is great for physically working women whose nails are more prone to damage. Using this spray increases the longevity of the manicure, minimising the risk of nail tips rubbing off. This method allows the nails to maintain a beautiful appearance regardless of the profession, which is a significant convenience for all clients. In addition, this product greatly simplifies the work of stylists by reducing the number of steps required to achieve a decoration, making the process faster, more permanent and more effective.


In addition to the Baby boomer styling on flesh-coloured colours, Neon Sprays can also be used to create a boomer on neon hybrids (as a background), achieving a beautiful neon ombre! You can also do a multi-coloured neon ombre - using only powders to work with.

Polyethyl Methacrylate, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate, 2-Propenoic acid, reaction products with pentaerythritol, 2,5-Cyclohexadien-1-one, Glyceryl Propoxy Triacrylate, Trimethylolpropane, +/- CI 77891, CI 12395, CI 14830:1, CI 61565, CI 60725, Basic Red 14 Chloride, Acid Blue 9
NOTE: The composition may depending on the product series.
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