How to properly remove a hybrid or gel mass with drills? Construction of nails with cover acrylics and a beautiful, wedding manicure that fits into the LipGloss Nails trend! 

Spring is a joyful time, with the wedding season in full swing. A bride should dazzle not only with her dress, but also with a beautiful manicure. We will instruct you how to construct nude nails using acrylics and natural gel polishes from the LipGloss collection, and provide an idea for a wonderful decoration with ornaments, with an accompaniment of zircons. 

Which drills to use to remove gel mass? 

The choice of drills is huge. In this post, we wish to introduce you to a novelty on the market - namely the F7 drill from Slowianka Nail Trends. Guarantees effective and safe removal of gel, acrylic, acrygel and hybrid masses. Its effectiveness lies in varied gradation. Up to its middle point it has deeper, sharper cuts that remove thicker layers of mass from the nail. From the middle, the cuts are shallower and the blades more delicate, designed to remove the mass at the cuticles and side shafts. Why use multiple drills when you can use just one? 

Can working with acrygel be easy and pleasant? 

Of course - especially with new, cover acrylics from Slowianka Nail Trends, which perfectly fit into the 2023 trend for natural nails. Four colors of nude pink and pink broken with peach, similar in shades: Light Peach Cover, Soft Peach Cover, Sweet Pink Cover and Dark Cover. Easily spread on the nails and provide great cover, creating a perfectly smooth surface on the nail plate. Be sure to check them out! 

Nail extension with acrylic - modern almond 

The Master Brush 6 with a thin spatula for picking up the product is ideal for applying acrygels. Before starting work, gently moisten the bristles with Cleaner. The brush cannot be wet, as it will then dilute the acrylic and the product will become unstable. Don’t try to work with a dry brush either, because the acrygel will then drag behind, preventing the product from spreading on the stencil. 

When building nails with acrylic, work with the One Touch method - using a single glob of product. The product should be cured for 2 minutes in a 48-WATT LED lamp; after 30 seconds, apply clamps to obtain a perfect tunnel. Acrygels are great for the file-less method; however, should a need to file the almond shape arise, use a 180/240 file, then de-dust with a Penguin brush and degrease with Cleaner. A beautiful salon almond is ready! 

Fashionable wedding nails in the 2023 season? Get inspired by Slowianka! 

Our idea for a step-by-step wedding decoration: 

  • apply one layer of semi-transparent gel polish 393 from the LipGloss collection on the nail (constructed using acrylic), previously filed and matted with Light Peach Cover and cure in a 48-WATT LED lamp;
  • cover a few nails with Top Coat No Wipe Holo, which beautifully finishes the manicure, lending it a delicate gloss;
  • on the remaining nails, paint delicate patterns with the color 282 from the Yummy Collection line using the Magic Brush 7 brush, cure;
  • cover the whole thing with matte Velvet Top and place in a lamp;
  • using just the tip of the Magic Brush no. 9, scoop a little of Classic White Multiart and paint slightly convex ornaments on the nails;
  • place the finger into the Art Organizer and sprinkle Wedding Snow dust - a fine, very delicate glitter resulting in a sugar effect;
  • cure in a 48-WATT LED lamp for 2 minutes and de-dust with Penguin brush;
  • use Rubber Base to glue rhinestones and Silver Caviar crystals; cure in a lamp and nourish the cuticles with Silk Repair serum.

Our beautiful, dazzling wedding manicure is ready. The entire stylization was made in accordance with the trend of 2023 - LipGloss Nails.